I saw a news report about a 21-year-old man in Rockford who got arrested for public indecency in a Target parking lot and now I have a few questions.

This isn't the first time I've heard about this in Rockford.  When I worked at the police department front desk, I heard the craziest public indecency stories... too much to mentally process.

After seeing the latest story about that guy, I started wondering...



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Yes, I said it.

I'm so fed up with living in a world where we can't run errands anymore without hoping and praying we don't get robbed, carjacked, or even worse... sexualized just walking into a store.

Sure, some people have a "scenery preference", but a parking lot?  It's so risque and traumatizing to anybody who catches a glimpse of it.  Ew.

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So, what is actually considered Public Indecency in Illinois?


Okay... are the charges worse when children are present?


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Now that we know that... why is it SO HARD to just keep some stuff to yourself?  The world doesn't need to see your intrusive thoughts come to life.

When you look up public indecency incidents in Illinois, a lot of stories pop up.  From people exposing themselves on Illinois buses, in front of minors, and even inside Walmart on an Easter Sunday.

Here's my solution: Instead of playing with yourself in a Target parking lot, why not buy a board game and play with that... at home?

Make sure if you ever see this lewd behavior go down, call the authorities immediately.

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