UPDATE: According to WREX, a teen girl has turned herself into police in connection with this incident.


UPDATE: The family has an idea who it might be, but they need your help finding her. Because of her age, we're not allowed to share her name or photo.

Summer is here which means more and more children will be outside playing with neighbors and friends.

With that said, it's more important now than ever that we're driving even more carefully through the streets and neighborhoods of Rockford.

A local street sign said it best, "Drive like your kids live here." Kids like Faith Honeycutt. According to WTVO, her parents are desperately trying to find the young driver who hit her on 18th street near Harrison.

Please, let's not spend time speculating who's fault it was; the parents are already receiving hateful comments about their lack of supervision.

We weren't there, but we can be there for them. Imagine if it was your child. If you have any information regarding the driver, please reach out to the Rockford Police Department at (815) 966-2900.

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