Two years ago I met the most amazing little girl.

She's brave, beautiful and an absolute ray of sunshine; you would never guess that because of her condition, Chiari Malformation, that Emmalyn Freeze was in constant pain every single day.

After writing about Emmalyn and sharing her story with you back in 2015, her mom, Stephanie, reached out to me and extended an invite to have dinner with her and the rest of their family; it was just a little way to show some appreciation for getting the word out that her little warrior princess was asking for "get well" cards as she prepared for her 7th brain surgery. I happily accepted and since that night we’ve become the closest of friends.

At that same time, after getting to know Emma a little bit better, I learned that she was Taylor Swift’s biggest fan and the only other thing she wanted most in this world, aside from feeling better, was to get a card from Taylor wishing her a speedy recovery.  After trying to reach Taylor through social media campaigns and trying to use the little connections I have in radio for two years, we’ve been unsuccessful and it absolutely breaks my heart.

So when Emmalyn's mom, Stephanie, shared this status on her Facebook page last week, I was really hoping the surprise guest would be the one and only Taylor Swift. It wasn’t; but, it was the next Taylor Swift- Grace VanderWaal.

Emmalyn got a surprise that made her excited for today! The Today Show is coming at 11am today to see the kids in the hospital with a surprise musical guest! She is so excited! On another note things are looking up! No more pain pump they have transitioned her to oxy by mouth and she is doing good! They may be moving her to the regular floor today!!

It appears that Emmalynn has a new idol, just take a look at these photos.

And her visit was also featured on Today.

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