If you plan on asking that special someone in your life for their hand in marriage you might want to consider this Rockford restaurant as the place to pop the question.

According to the Panera Bread Facebook page, if you propose at Panera Bread on Valentine's Day, they "might cater your wedding...for free."

It seems that people like the idea of getting engaged at Panera Bread too.

One comment on Facebook said she and her husband had their first date at Panera Bread and they "got permission from the corporate office to use the Panera Bread logo on little cards" that were then "attached on bagels and jelly gift bags" handed out to wedding guests.

Madonna Gabert on Facebook said "I got engaged at Panera. I met my husband there." and Molly Kavanagh mentioned, "I met my boyfriend when we both worked there."

Maybe there's something in the air at Panera Bread? Is it the freshly baked bread, or something else? One commenter, Melly Flores, summed it up best, "Nothing says romance like broccoli cheddar soup, am I right?"

Panera Bread is located in Rockford at 609 South Perryville Road and 1512 West Lane Road in Machesney Park.

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