Samuel Powers, also known as Screech, is a graduate from Bayside High School in California, and gained fame and notoriety after his spaghetti sauce became a national sensation.

Years later, Powers bought a home in Wisconsin and now it's in foreclosure.

Truth, Screech Powers isn't a real person he's a fictional character from the iconic 90s TV series Saved By The Bell. Every bit you just read is from the show except for the part about the house. That's real.

At this point, you've got to believe Dustin Diamond is hoping this story about him owing a whole bunch of money to a bank is made up too.

TMZ says Diamond owes Wells Fargo bank nearly $270,000 and now the bank is trying to take his house in Wisconsin.

He bought the home in 2003 for $340,000 and just last year the house had a water main break. Apparently, it was so bad there was water flowing out of the windows.

He (Diamond) says he never went to check on the pad last winter because his friend said the water main break froze over, and there was black mold. He was waiting for the ice to melt to return, but the pandemic ruined that plan.

Yikes, that's some major damage. At this point, Diamond is going to have to sell a ton of Buddy Bands or Screechio's to get the house back and in working condition.

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