Forget everything you have plans in the next few weeks, you need to get to Smokin Coop!

We have so many great restaurants in the Rockford area, but the biggest bummer is a bunch of those spots close up during the cold months.

Thankfully they let us know when the doors are closing with enough time for use to visit a few more times to say a BBQ good-bye.

Smokin Coop made this announcement yesterday, letting us all know that they will be closing the Coop this year on Saturday, September 29.

Warning us to come early and that if you want to order in bulk before the shop shuts down for the winter, those orders are due September 15 and need to be collected by the 22nd.

Ate One Five took a trip to Smokin Coop earlier this summer, if you need another reason to stop by before the end of the season... watch this.

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