People love Buc-ee's. I've never been, and as someone who has not filled up at the place, I tend to think it's only a gas station.

That would be inherently incorrect.


The Smokies asked the same question last year, wondering why people are so obsessed with Buc-ee's.


The way it appears to me, it's not just gas at Buc-ee's. It's the food, the snacks (Beaver Nuggets?), the merch, and then the "famous bathrooms."


Buc-ee's also serves brisket. Take that in for a second. A gas station serves brisket.

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I guess I shouldn't be so stunned. Some of the best BBQ I've ever had came from a gas station.

Rockford's finest BBQ is also made and served at a gas station, so I've changed my mind; I'm now excited.

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The only issue is that Buc-ee's has no plans to open a location in Illinois.

That doesn't mean we can't make it happen, so I asked Google Gemini for help making my gas station brisket sandwich dreams a reality.


  1. Show Local Demand - Google Gemini says Buc-ee's is "data-driven and looks for high traffic and potential customer interest."
  2. Identify Potential Locations - Where would a Buc-ee's fit in Illinois? Google Gemini says the massive gas station "builds along major highways with high visibility and ample land for their expansive stores and gas stations."
  3. Contact Buc-ee's Directly - Google Gemini says we should "reach out to them through their contact form" and tell them how much we want a location in Illinois.

While we wait to see if Buc-ee's eventually opens a spot in Illinois, look at how much gas costs the year you were born. Be prepared to be blown away.

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