Congrats Illinois, you're one of the most petty states in America. Try not to make a big deal out of it, OK?

Don't walk around telling everyone how you knew it just to prove a point.


We also don't need Illinois to try and one-up Alabama, the current conductor of the petty train:

Alabama (96%) has the highest level of pettiness, followed by Nevada (95%), Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois and Arkansas all with 94%.

I don't believe there are tenths of a percent either assigned to that 94% Illinois has received when it comes to pettiness level so don't try and figure it out.

Getty Images
Getty Images

If there were, I am almost certain Illinois would be considered more petty than Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

I kind of wonder if the reason Illinois was listed so high is due to there being a town named Petty being located in Illinois.

Bing Maps
Bing Maps

It's a tiny town of only 729 according to Wikipedia and you have to wonder if anyone has any small and largely pointless disagreements with others in that not-so-bustling burg.

If you're wondering how the results were found, says:

We surveyed 3,000 Americans on whether they would describe themselves as petty. We asked them to rate their pettiness on a scale of 1-10, reveal typical petty scenarios and share some petty stories.


What is the most petty thing you've done in your life? Did it involve a family member, a friend, or an ex? Speaking of, check out this list of the pettiest things people have done after a breakup to get a laugh and who knows, it might give you a bit of perspective.

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