The Most Popular Cocktail in Illinois Isn't Very Illinois-y
When you sit down at a bar, what's your order?
Sure you have your favorites you make at home. But most of the time when you're around the house you just grab whatever canned or bottled beverage is readily available. However, when you're out at a bar, you usually order your favorite coc…
Illinois' "Best Beer" is Actually Perfect For Halloween
I'm not much of a drinker, but if I do decide to have a drink, more likely than not it'll be a beer. But I can admit I'm not a serious beer drinker. I stick to the light and easy stuff. So Illinois "Best Beer" honestly intimidates me.
This feels like the kind of beer …
YUM! Pumpkin Spice Spiked Seltzer is Your New Favorite Fall Drink
The internet when crazy last year when this photoshopped image started spreading like wildfire -
It was obviously fake, but it got people craving pumpkin flavored seltzer. And this year we can actually get our hands on some. It's not from White Claw, but rather a different hard seltzer company V…

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