Illinoisans Want a Blue Check Instead of a College Degree
Did you know that Merriam Webster updated the word "Influencer" to the dictionary in 2019?
Of course that word has always existed, but in 2019 they added the current definition to the term. Influencerupdate details -
The original definition of the term won’t change, but the word will be give…
Emotional Spending in a Pandemic is Real - How Real is it in IL?
Let me just share a meme I saw the other day that heavily described how I feel about shopping during the pandemic. Actually, I'm going to share several.
But most importantly, this one -
Here's some statistics shared by about Americans and their pandemic shopping habits -
I mean, pe…
How To Buy Illinois Girl Scout Cookies Online For The 2021 Season
You know what makes everything better? Girl Scout Cookies. But you know what one of the worst parts of life is? The fact that Girl Scout Cookies aren't available year round. I guess that's what makes them even tastier.
When I order Girl Scout Cookies, it's hard for me to pick a favorit…
Support Stateline Museums With Virtual Tours This Holiday Season
I think one of the most popular words in 2020 is "virtual". From virtual concerts, to virtual work meetings, we've made a lot of stuff work from sitting in front of our computer screens this year.
Local museums are making things work virtually just like everybody else...
Rockford's Bath & Body Fusion Now Selling Products at Walmart
This is awesome news!
Rockford skincare company Bath & Body Fusion is launching its best selling items at Walmart. If you've never shopped at Bath & Body Fusion ... here's what you're missing out on.

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So many new bath bombs!!!!!

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