The Epic Solar Eclipse in Rockford You Probably Missed Today
Early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the eclipse.
Let's start with the facts, what is an eclipse? Well, there's different kinds of eclipses. The one we experienced this morning (June 10) was a solar eclipse. It was a partial solar eclipse, and according to Nasa that basically means -
Wild Video Shows Lightning Destroy a Wisconsin School's Tree
If there's one woman in life you don't want to mess with, it's Mother Nature.
I can't lie, I have a pretty irrational fear of thunderstorms. However, after seeing this video, I don't feel like my fear is very irrational. There's a ton of elements that scare me about thun…
Enjoy The Spring Weather At These 10 Botanic Gardens in Illinois
The first day of Spring is almost here. We can officially declare Winter is over this Saturday, March 20!
When Spring is finally here, what will you do to embrace it? You could do some spring cleaning, get your yard looking right, or even finally turning off the heat and opening some windows...

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