Wonder Woman

‘Justice League’ Proves That ‘Wonder Woman’ Needs Patty Jenkins
It’s no secret that Wonder Woman was such a hit that Warner Bros. (very wisely) pushed Gal Gadot’s DC superhero front and center in the marketing for Justice League. Unfortunately, fans hoping for a worthy follow-up to the Amazon warrior’s solo film may be fairly disappointed — not by her presence, which is understandably somewhat limited though always welcome, but by the way Diana Prince is presented in comparison to her masculine super-peers.
‘Wonder Woman’ Is Now the Best-Reviewed Superhero Movie of All Time
With a record-breaking worldwide box office gross of over $821 million and an official Oscar campaign, the latest update on Wonder Woman’s global dominance probably won‘t surprise you: Gal Gadot’s solo adventure is now the best-reviewed superhero film of all time, according to the results of a new analysis from Rotten Tomatoes. And looking at the remaining top 10, she’s in good — if occasionally surprising — company.

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