The war on Christmas started with the plain red and green cups at Starbucks and now the battle has moved on to new territory- Target. Target is coming under fire for their holiday sweater that makes light of mental illness.

As someone who lives with a mental illness, I can understand why people are offended by this sweater. If someone created something that poked fun at borderline personality disorder, I might find it offensive but I also know that it's just a sweater and maybe I just won't buy it.  OCD can be crippling; I know that,  but those who live with OCD also have a sense of humor. People joke about having OCD everyday. In fact, if you do have OCD, look at it this way- at least the O, C and D are evenly spaced across the chest.

In addition to being someone who's been diagnosed with a mental illness, I'm also a former Target employee and I can honestly tell you that the people at corporate, even at the stores, don't sit around and think of ways to purposely offend people.  The sweater is simply meant to appeal to those who are crazy about Christmas and I think we can all agree that people who go nuts over Christmas are a little nutty; and that's ok.

Target has no plans to remove the sweater and even if they did, you can still find other apparel with the same verbiage on Zazzle. I don't see anyone complaining about that.

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