Fall in Rockford means a stop at Edwards Apple Orchard, but be prepared, some very big things will happen to you while you're there.

A stop at Edwards Apple Orchard is more than just a day out with the family.

Things will happen to you, around you, and after you leave.

So be aware, these are the five 'worst' things that will happen when you visit.

  1. You will take the perfect family photo in front of the iconic Edwards sign. It will be so good that a Facebook or Instagram post just won't do. You'll start ordering Christmas cards in October and spend hours choosing what sort of canvas you want with that photo for your front hall.
  2. You will become addicted to Honeycrisp apples. Honeycrisp apples are the best variety of apple ever created and once you have one at Edwards you won't be able to go through another Fall day without one. So you'll go on a search for the apples which are about five times more expensive than other apple varieties and you'll go apple-broke.
  3. You will burn your mouth on apple cider because you're impatient and the smell is too much too handle.
  4. The dinner you put together in the crock pot before you took the family to Edwards will end up being tomorrow's lunch. You'll be too full to eat it because you have now devoured six apple cider donuts per person. BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING.
  5. Winter will hit. The orchard will close and you'll spend days searching the floor of your car for any cider donut crumb your kids may have dropped. It's a little gross, but we all understand. We'd search the minivan floor for apple cider donut crumbs too.

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