When you hear the name "Mandy" what kind of woman comes to mind? A tall, sexy; statuesque woman? Someone who's cute and covered in freckles? Maybe someone who's just the girl next door? I'm going to go out on a limb and say you probably don't think of any of those things; you know what people really think of when they hear the name Mandy? Barry Manilow. Yep. There is nothing sexy about my name, whatsoever, because Barry Manilow ruined it with a song about a dog.

But is having a sexy name even important? It is if you're single and you want that potential match to swipe right on your Tinder profile.

The Grade has analyzed which names get the most people swiping right.  In other words, these are either the sexiest names, or the names that the sexiest people have.

The top 10 sexiest names for women are:

1. Brianna

2. Erika (any spelling, I'm sure)

3. Lexi

4. Brooke

5. Vanessa

6. April

7. Natalie

8. Jenna

9. Molly

10. Katie

The top 10 sexiest names for men are:

1. Brett

2. Tyler

3. Corey

4. Andy

5. Noah

6. Shane

7. Jeffry

8. Rob

9. Frank

10. Jeff

Did your name make the list?

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