Need breakfast but don't know where to go? This handy guide should be able to help.

I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but if I was to go out to eat breakfast on the daily in Rockford, I'd be better off going to one of these places.

For me, breakfast at Lydia's Cafe, 1710 Rural Street, is tops in Rockford however, there are those who disagree.

Thankfully, the Rockford subReddit has plenty of people willing to weigh in on what breakfast place they believe does it best in the Forest City.

Just a few days ago, this question was asked: What's your go-to breakfast place?

There was no conclusive answer as to which was the best go-to breakfast place in Rockford but I did manage to put together a list of where to go for breakfast based on their answers.

Jerry's Cafe, 2601 North Mulford, Rockford

Reddit: "Jerry's Cafe at Spring Creek and Mulford (where the Schnucks was) has the old Egg Harbor recipes. Cook from Egg Harbor opened it."

Potato Shak, 5529 North Second Street, Loves Park

Reddit: "If I want to feel good, like family, I go to Potato Shak."

Machine Shed, 7475 East State Street, Rockford

Reddit: "If I want some chicken fried chicken and the thiccest bacon I've ever seen."

Banana Cherry Bakery, 1310 South Alpine Road, Rockford

Reddit: "If you like baked goods for breakfast, Banana Cherry Bakery is fire."

Eggsclusive Cafe, 7105 Cherryvale North Boulevard, Rockford

Reddit: "Any place that has an entire section of their menu existed to Liquid Breakfast is a good place in my book."

Did we miss any? What place is your go-to breakfast spot in Rockford?

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