I'm not sure about y'all, but I will eat breakfast at any time of the day.  A breakfast sandwich at dinner time ALWAYS hits the spot.  Why?  No idea, but I love it.

I order breakfast just about every other day from different places around Rockford, but I realized I started just ordering from one specific local restaurant more recently.  I get the exact same thing every time because this breakfast joint is JUST. THAT. GOOD.


If you've never been to Jerry's Cafe in Brynwood Square, you're totally missing out.  Their breakfast menu is soooo big and the options are pretty diverse.  I always love getting a side with my order because when I think I'm done eating, my body says 'NOPE KEEP EATING'.


Family-Owned, home cooked meals and famous breakfast!

My favorite dish at Jerry's Cafe is the eggs benedict.  It has poached eggs, Canadian bacon and sit on a toasted English muffin covered in hollandaise sauce. YUM!

The food is always really fresh and always consistent, too.  Their parfaits are DELICIOUS and HUGE!

It comes with granola, apple slices, bananas, raisins, all mixed in to yogurt.  You even get a side of delicious bread to put the parfait on.  When I say this is the best parfait I've ever had, I'm not kidding!

French toast anybody?  I've also had this from Jerry's Cafe, it's called "Summer In Italy" with Texas French toast, strawberry mascarpone, fresh berries, and granola with raspberry sauce.

They just have really Instagram-worthy breakfast that's too pretty to eat!!!

So, if you have a favorite breakfast joint in the Stateline, let me know where you love to eat!  I'm sure I'll be sticking with Jerry's Cafe for a long time because they've never delivered a wrong order or served bad tasting food! 5-star review if you ask me! They're located at 2601 N Mulford Rd, Rockford.

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