It's Halloween and while I love it so much, some people try their hardest to ruin it by handing out bad candy or treats.

Don't believe me? Try receiving one of these five abominations considered by some a "trick-or-treat" handout. Counting down from five all way to one, here are the worst "treats" you can get on Halloween.

5. Pennies. Receiving money for any other holiday is usually OK but when trick-or-treating you should get more than a handful of pennies.

Future Of The Penny In Doubt
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4. Circus Peanuts. What are these things made of, and why is it OK to hand out Circus Peanuts on Halloween? Also, I remember a lot of these things being unwrapped when I was a kid which leads me to #3.

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3. Any Unwrapped Candy, Cookie, Apple. First, miss me on the fruit hand out during Halloween. Also, if you, the house dropping the candy in my bag is handing it out unwrapped, my Mom was going to make me toss it in the trash. She doesn't know you, and she most certainly didn't want her precious son sick.

broken Chocolate chip cookie on white

2. Payday - What is this thing supposed to be anyway? It tastes like an over-salted peanut caramel log and that's the best way to describe a Payday. I also busted a tooth on a frozen Payday when I was a kid, so that might have something to do with my disdain for this "candy."

1. Candy Corn. Do whatever you can to make Candy Corn more acceptable. Add it to beer, use it as a pizza topping but nothing, and I mean nothing will ever change the taste of candy corn. It's horrible and should be eaten more as punishment for bad behavior than a treat on Halloween.

Candy Corn
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I've spewed enough negativity towards bad Halloween candy I feel the need to redeem myself. The best candy? Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. Feel free to replace pennies, candy corn or any of the five listed above with that delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate any day of the week.

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