It's probably just a super-cute Valentine's Day gesture, but a bunch of floating red balloons are giving us Pennywise vibes.

Pennywise and red balloon

At the corner of Brendenwood and Brookfield Road in Rockford, there's a group of red balloons and we're not quite sure why, other than the obvious, it's Valentine's Day.

Here is a list of guesses:

  • It might be a bus stop and some very thoughtful people decided to spread some Valentine's Day "cheer" to kids waiting in the frigid cold. Is Valentine's Day "cheer" a thing?
  • It might be for the person or people that live in the house directly behind the balloons.
  • It might be a delivery driver who decided they've had enough Valentine's Day and dumped the balloons.
  • It might actually be IT.

There is no clear cut explanation for why the balloons are sitting at the corner. The balloons look deliberately tied to a piece of wood.

Why? We have no idea. Do you know? Tell us!

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