I think it's safe to say we all need to find things to make us smile these days.

For me, it's simple...I LOVE when friends respond with funny and fitting GIF's in texts, and I LOVE seeing people share clever and hilarious memes on social media. Those simple moments of laughter never fail to brighten my day, and therefore I'm pretty sure I need to make a trip to this free, pop-up museum in Chicago that is celebrating all the fun that is memes.

The Meme Museum is a temporary exhibit set up at  the 6th Dimension Space + Gallery at  2511 W. North Ave. in Chicago, and it will be open to the public through September 27, 2020.

The Chicago Tribune says the gallery space is;

a colorful tribute to meme culture, complete with a mural mosaicked of some of the most popular meme characters.

The Meme Museum is free to visit and completely family friendly, (no nasty, religious or political memes are featured), but you do need to reserve a ticket/time to get in so that the space can coincide with COVID-19 precautions. Reserve your tickets now, by clicking here.

FYI, meme-themed merchandise is for sale at the museum, so I'm thinking this will be a fabulous way to get some unique Christmas gifts for your fellow meme-lovers out of the way early. There are also "after hours" Meme Museum tickets available for purchase that allows you to enjoy the sights with a group of people that like to enjoy some cocktails with their memes, it is BYOB though. Get more information, here.

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