What's your favorite appetizer in the Rockford area? If you're undecided, we'll help you decide with these tops apps you have to try. 

Sure it's fun to go to dinner and just order dinner... but it's way more fun when you order an appetizer first.

Whether you're just SO hungry when you sit down or you're ready for a long dinner with multiple courses, a good appetizer sets you up for dining success!

So who has the best appetizers in the Stateline?

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Thankfully it's been my job to find them this month on Good Day Stateline.

4 Restaurants in Rockford with the Best Appetizers

We had four contenders for the Stateline's Best Appetizers, first we went to The Vintage Goose Cafe for some incredible avocado toast.

Then a more traditional appetizer at Fozzy's b=Bar and Grill, let me tell you, those buffalo chicken egg rolls were delicious!

As were the onion rings and wings at Backyard Grill and Bar!

But, after ten full days of voting, none of those appetizers could secure the title.

Nope, that went to Sam's Ristorante and Pizzeria on Riverside, for their calamari!

Gino and Joe stopped by to celebrate their win with the GDS team and showed off their calamari AND their bruschetta. Plus they brought a gluten free and dairy free chocolate cake that was beyond words sooooo good.



All the oooos.

What's your favorite appetizer?

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