If this new McGriddle officially comes to menus everywhere, I'd be super excited.

If you've ever wished you could combine a McChicken with a McGriddle your prayers have been answered.

That's because McDonald's is now serving a Chicken McGriddle sandwich in Florida.

According to Delish, "The sandwich features a crispy McChicken patty between two McGriddle cakes. The Chicken McGriddle, along with Chicken Biscuits, will be served now through April at select locations in Florida."

Sign me up. The sandwich is essentially chicken and waffles, well, minus the waffles.

Sadly, it appears it's not quite on it's way to Rockford. For now, swap out the bacon or sausage in your regular McGriddle and replace with a chicken patty.

That should hold us/we/I over until the real thing hits local McDonald's menus.

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