If you've ever wanted to sleep in Outer space or in a giant clam shell, boy are you in luck!

I'm gonna go ahead and say the two hour drive to Clinton, IL is worth it for hotel rooms like this.

The Sunset Inn & Suites is not your average hotel. Sure there are bedrooms, bathrooms and a gym, but this hotel is so extravagantly decorated you'll think you're in a movie set. Or sleeping in a Rainforest Cafe restaurant.

The hotel sells itself to couples only, (all single people are saying, 'rude' very loud right now Sunset Inn...) and each room includes a two person Jacuzzi, walk-in shower and a sauna, according to Only In Your State.

While those amenities are awesome, the best part is the decorations, seriously. Check out these rooms.

Wanna sleep in space? Some serious Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century vibes going on here.

The giant clam shell makes me think of The Flintstones for some reason.

Who doesn't love a heart shaped bathtub?

Or perhaps, a dip in the Jacuzzi that looks like it's in the middle of the jungle.

I guess I have to take back the previous Flintstones comment, because Wilma and Fred belong here.

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