The clock is ticking, summer is coming... are you ready for three months with your kids? Rockford Mom Erin Strum is helping you prep with her new book. 

We are a little over a month away from your kids getting out of school for the summer and I bet you're already wondering how you're going to entertain them throughout June, July and August.

Being a kid just isn't the same as it was way back when... yes there were a ton of great moms coming up with fun things for us to do in the 1990s, but we also had an easier time just coming up with something to do ourselves, technology wasn't taking over our lives.

Stateline Kids VIA Facebook
Stateline Kids VIA Facebook

These days, moms work extra hard especially in the summer to make sure their kids aren't staring at phones and tablets all day, which means they need to come up with a lot of fun things to do.

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Which is where Erin's Strum's new book, 'Best Mom Rockford,' comes in handy. Erin spent the last year carefully curating this book filled with 75 fun ideas for momming it this summer (and next fall and winter too!)

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And if you're a baby-sitter, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or dad you'll love her book too, which was inspired by so many of the things she write about at 

You can buy Erin's book online or you can visit her book signing this Friday, April 19 at DeeDees Coffee in Rockton from 6-8pm and grab a signed copy there!

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