If you're anything like me, you hate driving in the dark. It's the absolute worst.

You see, I have this thing that I like to call "critter vision;" it's a really bad, and sometimes dangerous habit, where I seeing things approaching the side of the road that aren't actually there- specifically, raccoons, deer and Sasquatch.

No, seriously. Whatever I think I see usually ends up being a mailbox, but you can never be to safe.

In Danny Morgan's case, what he saw on the side of a rural road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, was definitely NOT a mailbox.

Take a look at this photo Danny sent to WIFR late last week; according to the description, it appears to be a wolf crossing the road on it's hind legs.

Elkhorn werewolf? Come again?

Remind me to avoid Townline Road in Walworth County at all costs.

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