If you've ever been pregnant, you know how important it is to take care of yourself.

Everything that you eat, drink and do basically determines the ultimate outcome of your baby's health at birth.

Apparently, so does your attitude.

For nine months, as you're carrying a tiny human inside of you, you experience every kind of emotion under the sun- anger, frustration, fatigue, sadness, delirium, insanity, insecurity...and that's just scratching the surface; but little did you know, all of that attitude  you had for your entire pregnancy will also pretty much guarantee that your precious bundle of joy will also inherit your sass.

Just ask this Illinois mom. ABC 20 shared this mom's video of her newborn baby girl giving her some serious side-eye and it's already gone viral.

Not even in the world for a full 24 hours and she's already unimpressed.

Bonus Video

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