You thought you lost your shot at a delicious monster shake when the Pink Flamingo was sent out to pasture, you were wrong.

Beef-a-roo has always been known for their cheddar fries but in the past few months they've been making waves in the shakes department.

Not just any shake, monster shakes!

When I first saw the shakes on the menu I thought, no... that's too much.

Then I realized nothing is ever too much or too sweet for me and when Sweet Lenny and I went to Beef-a-roo with Ate One Five, I was sold on the shakes.

We're Bananas for Beef-A-Roo's Newest Menu ItemWe're Bananas for Beef-A-Roo's Newest Menu Item

Now they went and made a Funky Monkey Shake!

While this looks delicious, I am slightly afraid there is peanut butter in the shake, which is my least favorite nut ingredient, but if it's purely chocolate and bananas, I'm all about it.

The shake looks to be topped with all the cookies you could ever need, whipped dream and a chocolate covered frozen banana.

I mean, we don't need to go on a diet this fall, do we?

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