When I moved out from Chicago in the mid-90s I had no idea the power of Beef-a-Roo.

Truthfully, outside of Rockford, I am unsure if people knew about it either.

I now know that Beef-a-Roo is a Rockford staple. It's a restaurant people visit when they come back home during the holidays. It's that kind of spot. The nostalgia goes hard when people talk about Beef-a-Roo.


For me, I didn't grow up in the 815 so I can't speak to the good old days of Beef A Roo but I can tell you now and since the day I arrived, the food has always been fab.

So I was unsurprised when the Beef-a-Roo franchise was sold to new owners intending to take our beloved restaurant nationwide.

Jeremy Fallis via Facebook

Now with locations in Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas and many many more planned I wonder if they'll consider reopening a location that has been long closed.

How do I know this? Well, because the frame of an OG Beef-a-Roo restaurant is there along with what used to be their big sign you could see on the side of the road.

Mall Aholic Retail Adventures via YouTube
Mall Aholic Retail Adventures via YouTube

Someone on YouTube did a video of the place in 2019 and it looked like the place has been kept up with since its closure.

Speaking of, I am pretty sure this Beef-a-Roo closed maybe in the early 2000s if not the late 90s. For a building that has been relatively untouched for 20 years, it's holding up well.

It's real crazy considering the sign is still up. See it for yourself. The only Beef-a-Roo location that closed down permanently is at 2913 Lincolnway in Sterling.

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