If you can't get fat and happy during the winter months you're probably doing it wrong.

I mean, why not? It's cold, without looking at weather forecasts, I'm almost sure more snow is coming, so let's enjoy the bad food when there's nothing left to do.

Might want to save room because Bombo Bar in Chicago, 832 West Randolph Street, offers something called the bomboloni. At its core, the Bombo Bar bomboloni is a donut sliced in half and stuffed with gelato. It's more than that, much, much, more.

MSN considers the bomboloni Illinois' "Most Outrageous Dessert."

You don't have to travel to Tuscany for an Italian donut. You can find the traditional Bomboloni—a pillowy Italian donut without a hole in the center—at BomboBar in Chicago. Choose from a variety of fillings for your donut from the classic cream to salted caramel to rich Nutella.

I've had something similar to a bomboloni in Belvidere at Dari Ripple this past summer they called donut ice cream sandwiches.

If you want to try Rockford's closest thing to a bomboloni, you can always cruise over to Dari Ripple when they reopen this spring or try and make it yourself at home.

Indulge. It's cold. And anyway, we've got a plan to work off the extra winter calories in this summer, right?

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