A good wedding ceremony location or reception story can spark an entertaining conversation. This Loves Park couple has set the bar really high, or in this case really low.

My wedding ceremony might seem uninteresting. It happened the day after Christmas 2013 in our living room with a few immediate family members. Our dog also peed on the floor during the private ceremony. I wouldn't change it for the world. A Loves Park couple did things a little differently. Actually, a lot differently.

The back story, according to WREX, is that Ana and Maxamilan met while scuba diving in the Cayman Islands about a year ago and got engaged last week. It was shortly after then family suggested getting married under water. The couple did just that.

The bride's dad owns Loves Park Scuba, so the location was set. They were married by the same judge that married Ana's parents, another convenience. The couple even dressed for the occasion... kind of. In the video at WREX.com you can see their awesome outfits.

Wedding Photo
Evgeny Trofimov via Thinkstock

As a wedding DJ I can tell you this one of the most unique wedding ceremonies I've heard about throughout the Rockford area. I'm just curious how vows were exchanged and how nobody dropped a ring. Many questions arise but it's definitely a story worth sharing.

Do you have unique wedding story? Did something crazy happen at your ceremony or reception? Let me know in an email.




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