This is not a new thing, more like a continued unsolved mystery.

Why and for what reason was the New England Patriots team plane parked at the Rockford airport?

Back in 2017, the plane showed up and people were flummoxed.

Maybe it meant Tom Brady was coming to the Chicago Bears?

Obviously, that was not the case. Brady stayed with the Patriots up until just a few months ago when he signed a contract to play football with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and unfortunately, not the Bears.

That still doesn't explain why the Patriots team plane was at the Rockford airport.

The picture of the plane was posted on Reddit, and a user said:

It's there fairly often. A buddy of mine works there and randomly sends me pictures of it when it's there.

Another theory mentioned maintenance as the best reason why the Patriots plane comes to Rockford.

Maybe, just maybe, it's there to show off how a winning franchise gets things done.

Do you know why the Patriots team plane keeps showing up in Rockford? Is it maintenance? Something else? Tell us!

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