You wouldn't think about a pretty sweet payout just for attending a funeral, but for one recently departed Wisconsin man, he was doing things a bit different.

Dennis Valstad from Ripon, Wisconsin, and the owner of a small dry-cleaning business passed away a few months ago.

Valstad was never married, never had any kids, and apparently had saved a large sum of money. When Valstad died, he had left $500,000 in the bank.

With no one to inherit Valstad's riches, he left a will stating he would payout to anyone who showed up to his funeral. CBS News says "Of course, no one knew this in advance."

For a guy who believed he wasn't leaving much behind, Valstad would've been surprised by the turnout.

Dennis may not have had a lot of close friends — but he was endlessly kind and all these people appreciated that. Two-hundred-seventy of them attended his services. Now, each one will get about $1,800 — and this bonus.

Can you imagine how many people would have shown if they knew in advance Volstad was going to payout for coming to his funeral?

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