Seven years ago, Megs Emanuel lost her son Brody is a horrible accident, today she remembers the anniversary of his death and how much he is still here with all of us today.

All I can say is wow after watching this segment from Spectrum News that was done in 2019.

I actually know Megs in person and I've heard bits and pieces of the story of how she lost her beloved son, Brody, but I did not know the entire story. Watching it today made me shed tears at my desk.

Brody was 19 when he passed away, seven years ago and was declared brain dead shortly after a motorcycle accident.

He chose to be an organ donor and saved so many lives including Paul, who has Brody's heart.

It's unimaginable to so many of us, what Megs has gone through since Brody's passing but one of the amazing things she continues to do is raise money for Brody's Flowers.

In the segment above you'll see the story behind Brody's Flowers, when 8th grade Brody decided to raise money to buy 75 plants to deliver to women in Megs' grandmother's nursing home that didn't have visitors around Mother's Day.

Megs has continued to fulfill Brody's initiative to raise money for flowers to deliver again this year.

She's also added Brody's Babies to the mix in the past few years.

Megs is hoping to raise $3,000 more before this Mother's Day which is Sunday May 8.

You can donate on her GoFundMe Page. 

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