Be honest, how much of your time did you dedicate to watching April the Giraffe pace back and forth in her pen until she finally went into actual labor?

How many times did you get a Facebook live notification that suggested that "today could be the day that April gives birth?"

If you got a dollar for every time you were notified that "today's the day," you could take that money and give it all back to Animal Adventure Park because for a fee, you could pick April's baby's name.

According to WGN, voting is now open and you can vote for about 10 days. At the end of the 10 days, the zoo will announce the top 10 names and voting will resume for another 5 days until they have a winning name.  Votes are $1 and you have a minimum of 5.

You might be thinking that having to pay kind of takes all the fun out of it, but the money raised goes towards three causes:

  • The Giraffe Conservation Foundation
  • Ava's Little Hereos, a foundation for families experiencing unexpected medical journeys and expenses.
  • Funds will go back into Animal Adventure Park

Names already suggested include Patience, Percy, Gumby, Fin (for finally) and Giraffe McGiraffeface?

It's a boy so here are some Rockford inspired baby names they could try:

  • Nick (Uncle Nicks)
  • Carlyle
  • Abreo
  • Lino
  • Franchesco
  • Giovanni
  • Art (Rockford Art Deli)
  • Anderson (Anderson Japanese Gardens)
  • David (Davis Park)
  • Nicholas (Nicholas Conservatory)
  • Carlson (Carlson Ice Arena)
  • Nielsen
  • Daxx
  • Zander

What do you think the baby's name should be? Place your vote here.

Bonus Video

Just released, April kicking her vet in the crotch.

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