Having a rough day? You're not alone.

I woke up feeling like immense blah. I mean I was excited it was 41 degrees so I could go to the gym instead of -25, but I was just not loving life.

Maybe going to the gym would help, so I went, drank caffeine, ate food, came to work, which I love and I was just still feeling like complete crap.

I couldn't pinpoint why I would feel so emotionally awful and then I realized I wasn't the only one.

Person after person on Facebook, via text, on Snapchat were posting about how much of a bad day they were having, and no one seemed to be able to figure out why. So I did some research, and the consensus is that no it wasn't what your husband said to you yesterday that is bugging you, no it's not your jerk boss and no it's not the guy who didn't answer your text message.

I have one scientific, one lunar and one obvious why we all hate today.

First, the weather. But why? Well because we're probably in temperature shock! Our high today was 45 degrees above zero and four days ago it was 30 degrees below zero. That's the same as if we went from 5 to 80 in four days. Pretty sure our heads are hurtling because of this, weather related tension headaches are a real thing.

Next, I blame the moon. Which was actually the first thing I thought to Google because I'm a horoscope-loving Aries who always wants to be right and also always wants to have astrology fix my problems. Today we are in 'New Moon,' which can in fact make you hate everyone. While the idea behind the new moon is cleaning, creating and changing, the effects you feels during the new moon are similar to a full moon and we blame those for everything. Here's the more established discussion on the new moon phase and our moods.

Finally, maybe you ate and drank a bunch of garbage during the Super Bowl. I only had one glass of wine, but I had about an entire bag of chips and cheese and two pieces of pie so I imagine my body isn't loving every decision I made in the last twenty four hours.

Here's to tomorrow because, c'mon February, you are supposed to be an amazing month!

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