We have been waiting years, almost a decade for an incredible new library in downtown Rockford and it's finally time for the library to open its doors. 

Once upon a time I started working in Rockford, in the fall of 2013 and I didn't think much about the library. I commuted to work and I didn't spend too much time downtown, but I started hearing about 'the new library,' in the hallway... then I heard they tore down the old one... just bits and pieces here and there.

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Fast forward to 2022, when as part of the Good Day Stateline team, I started to get to go behind the scenes of the new downtown library each month to see the plot of land grow into a pretty amazing building.

Just last month when we visited, the lighting was installed, the kids area was coming to life and it seemed like the library we've dreamed and talked about here in Rockford was actually going to open up someday!

And that day is sooner than later!

Rockford Public Library Grand Opening Gala

The Rockford Public Library officially invites us all to the Grand Opening Gala celebrating the New Main Library on May 4th at 6PM.

The press release invite promises a night filled with celebration including fireworks off the river and a champagne toast.

Tickets are available to purchase from now until the event on the library's website. Tickets range from $200 for general admission to Meet & Greet passes, Gala Sponsors and Champagne Toast Sponsors.

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The best part of those fireworks.. you know even if you can't make it to the Gala, you'll be able to see them everywhere in the city!

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