Who knew Zayn Malik was such a big Star Wars fan?

The R&B pop star is covered nearly head-to-toe in tattoos, but his latest ink — a light saber which glows in the dark — has got to be his coolest (and most nerdiest) one yet.

While in New York City for Men's Fashion Week, the Anakin Skywalker of One Direction (i.e. the member who went rogue from the British boy band) hit up West 4 Tattoo where he got inked by celebrity tattoo artist Jon Boy.

The tattoo, a tiny light saber positioned on his right hand's middle finger, also glows in the dark when activated by a black light. It's color? Luke Skywalker blue, which means the "Pillow Talk" singer is more Jedi warrior than Sith lord, which is a relief.

Jon Boy shared a split-image of the unique light-up tat on Instagram in a photo that sees the brooding artist flipping the bird. Later, Zayn and the tattoo artist snapped a selfie together along with model Anwar Hadid, the brother of the singer's on-again, off-again girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

For now, the two seem to be back on: On Thursday, July 14, the maybe couple was spotted holding hands while out and about in the city.

Regardless of whether or not it works out this time between the two lovers, we're sure the force will remain with Zayn either way. See the tattoo below:

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