It sounds like a story straight out of a television drama series and every parent's worst nightmare- a 13-year-old girl and her two week old son go missing and the alleged kidnapper is her...stepfather.

According to WGN, Christopher Derleth kidnapped Katherine Derleth and her newborn baby, Christopher; they were last seen in Edwardsville, Illinois and according to recent updates, they may have been spotted in Charleston, West Virginia on I-77 South.

Officials say the two are traveling in a 1997 Villager minivan, Illinois plate E833210 .

Police are still trying to get answers in the case and as soon as they have more information those details will be revealed. Until then, the family is cooperating and hope to bring mom and baby home safely; it's hard to imagine that a 13-year-old girl with a newborn is capable of giving a tiny baby the care that it needs, especially under these circumstances.

While they have been seen in West Virginia, officials are still taking your tips on their whereabouts. If you've seen them or have any information please call 911.