Welcome to warmer weather, Rockford! And spiders crawling everywhere you go.

Ugh. Bugs. While they probably aren't going to kill you... they can be pretty gross depending on where you are when you find them.

But the question is, should you kill them?

Last week there was a spider here in the 97 ZOK studios and I, of course, freaked out. I was just about to kill the spider when Sweet Lenny yells from his office that I am not allowed to kill it.


We had a very loud discussion about this and in the end, Lenny attempted to throw the spider away... and I'm pretty sure it's still living here under my desk somewhere.

So I gotta know, what do you do when you see a spider? Kill it like I wanted to? Or set it free... because according to Sweet Lenny, "spiders kill mosquitoes, so we have to save them."

In an attempt to find out the real answer to whether or not you should kill a spider, I asked Google. There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer, but Bayer Advanced shared three reasons why it's ok to let spiders live.

  • Spiders eat other bugs
  • Spiders also kill other spiders
  • Spiders prevent diseases from spreading because of killing things like mosquitoes.

I appreciate those things. But I do not appreciate spiders crawling on my toes, so sorry guys I'm still attempting the kill.