Congratulations to our latest teacher of the week, Mrs. Books from Willowbrook Middle School in South Beloit.

Mrs. Books scored beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist and delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones.

The winning nomination came from Caelyn McIlwain. Caelyn says:

My new middle school teacher, Mrs. Amanda Books, deserves the recognition for teacher of the week.

This year I started 6th grade, in a new middle school- where I knew no one. It made me feel nervous and scared. From the first moment I stepped into her classroom, I knew it was going to be okay- with Mrs. Books as my homeroom and social studies teacher. That first morning of school she made me laugh, taking away my nerves, as she helped me with my locker. She taught me how to open my locker, despite my sweaty hands not being able to grab the lock.

Since that moment, Mrs. Books showed me how much she cares inside and outside of the classroom. In the social studies classroom, Mrs. Books makes history come alive. Including myself, the students look forward to the next unit. One time, we mummified one of the students! (We didn't actually mummify that person.) I get the privilege to spend my morning with Mrs. Books. She takes away any extra stress with fun activities and theatrical voices while learning ancient history.

Again, please consider Mrs. Books for 97ZOK Teacher of the Week.