Congratulations to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Delacey from Eisenhower Middle School in Rockford.

Mrs. Delacey scored beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist and delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones.

The winning nomination came from Kali Szostek, one of her students.

Kali writes:

Mrs. Delacey should be your next teacher of the week because she is kind, encouraging, active, and good with kids.  She is our sub for English since our regular teacher went on maternity leave, (good luck Mrs. Brown), and is by far the best substitute teacher EVER!!! She knows how to tell kids that they are wrong without embarrassing them and says it in the most positive way.
During the beginning of the year, I NEVER rose my hand, (afraid of embarrassment), but when I heard how good she was with telling people that they were wrong I started to raise my hand and I got questions right, long story short, I raise my hand A LOT in that class now!!! Another reason Mrs. Delacey should be teacher of the week is because at our school we have Fridays where if you buy a two dollar wrist band you can dress up as whatever the theme is that week.  Mrs. Delacey bought mine because I brought in socks for Socktober!! It was only two dollars but she did it out of the kindness of her heart.
Please nominated her 97ZOK’s Teacher of The Week.