Chicago is referred to as the Second City but instead of only two reasons why you should never visit, I'll give you 10.

1. You probably think The Bean and Millenium Park are only good for selfies.

2. You enjoy a good challenge when trying to figure out a city public transportation system.

3. The sight of a gorgeous skyline makes you break out in hives.

4. You hate St. Patrick's Day.

5. World class museums/culturally significant exhibits aren't your thing.

6. You like your sports teams to be bad, pitiful, awful.

7. You're more of a St. Louis style pizza kinda guy.

8. You prefer your bars to close early. Staying up late is way overrated.

9. You only travel to New York City to see Broadway shows.

10. You only visit cities where there's nothing happening.

As you can see Chicagoans have it real tough. I can't believe anyone outside of the city would EVER want to visit THAT town.

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