No matter who smart and charming they are, there are just people you can never date because of their first name.

This isn't anyone's fault... it just happens.

You know what I mean, there are just some first names, that no matter what you can't see yourself dating someone with it.

For me, it's Ross. I had no idea I had a Ross problem until I was swiping right and left and realized that all of the Ross men were going to the 'no' category.

Simply because I don't think I have the power to separate someone from Ross Geller. Red Ross, Ross/Russ, Ross's leather pants. Ross making margaritas. It's all TOO much for me to handle.

So we thought we'd ask Rockford what names are too much for them?

Aside from Donald Trump, it looks like this is a hefty list of ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.

What about you? What's your 'no way' name?

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