They're some of the fiercest, fastest and most fabulous girls on the planet- the Rockford Rage Roller Derby team. Through their dedication to skating, competing and entertaining they've become positive role models for young women and girls, have helped their community through fundraisers and benefits and they've become a staple of our community.

Any fan of the Rockford Rage can already tell you all of that, but here are 10 facts about these lightening fast ladies that you might NOT know:

1) The Rockford Rage has been representing the city of Rockford for 10 years on the road, visiting 9 midwestern states.

2) The Rockford Rage has had intra-league teams that have battled with names like the Screw City Slammers, the Midwest Maulers, the Rollitas and the Demolition Dolls.

3) The Rockford Rage has had as many as 2 road teams, with the "b" team becoming known as the Rockford Ragdolls.

4) Rockford has skated in at least three midwest tournaments - Brew-ha-ha in Milwaukee, Spring Roll in Indiana and the Screw City Smackdown here in Rockford IL.

5) The first bout held in Rockford was the December 2006 bout, held at the Indoor Sports Center. The last ISC bout will be held in May as the Rage looks for a new place to call home.

6) Skaters from the Rockford Rage have gone on to skate for leagues in Milwaukee WI, Aurora IL, Houston Texas, Cincinnati Ohio, and many other leagues throughout the US ...

7) The first practices were held in a Borders Bookstore parking lot.

8 ) The current roster includes :
Bouncin' Betty
Subpoena Envy
Chelsea Manhandler
Rainbow Blight
D Coli
Meeso Thorny
Razzle Dazzle Vajazzle
Bride of Skatenstein Rebar
Manditory Azkickin
Jes Aster

9) This should be an explanation of how to pick the best roller derby girl name ever.

10) The league is currently looking for a new place to call home for our upcoming fall season.

That's where you come in. The Rage need a new home, a place to practice and have their bouts (games). Can you help them find a space?  Here's what they need:

"we need space for a track, locker room space, set-up space for audio booth with power and room for an audience. Concessions and additional space for vendors is definitely a plus, benches, chairs, etc. Ideally would have a liquor license or close to a bar-restaurant for post-bout parties and easily accessible to out-of-town teams. Also decent parking is important. Regarding track surface, concrete or wood will suffice. We've been playing on sport-court padded floor at the ISC for 10 years. Floor must be flat."

If you or someone you know could provide a space, please send them an email at

Without a space, there won't be any roller derby, and with no roller derby there will be lots of sad faces.