Over a dozen local businesses have been ordered to close after violating rules set by the Winnebago County Health Department.

Back in March when orders were given to businesses to shut down immediately, everyone did what they were told.

This time around, many businesses don't believe it's fair for them to have to shut down as the COVID-19 cases rise in the Stateline.

As a result the Winnebago County Health Department has issued closure orders for those businesses.

The Filling Station in Rockford, Ace Hardware in Roscoe, Spring Garden Restaurant in Loves Park, Opsahl’s Tavern in Rockford, Neli’s Family Restaurant in South Beloit, Casey’s Pub in Loves Park, Potato Shak in Loves Park, Nora’s Place in South Beloit, Firehouse Pub in Roscoe, JJ’s Tavern in South Beloit, Rascal’s Bar and Grill in Loves Park, RBI’s in Rockford, and the Waffle Shop in Loves Park were issued Order of Closures.

At least we have Netflix, right?

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