Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is officially the president of the United States; and even if you didn't vote for him, you have to admit that at the very least, his presidency will go down as one of the most entertaining four years in our nation's history.

He hasn't even been in office for a full week and his counselor, Kellyanne Conway, has already given us what CNN calls the "gift of a new phrase -- 'alternative facts'." AKA, falsehoods, lies, alternatives to the truth.

This all started when press secretary, Sean Spencer, laid into the media about their interpretation of the crowd turnout for the inauguration and it's comparison to Obama's back in 2009; saying it was the "largest in history."   Conway went on to "defend" Spencer; noting that he gave "alternative facts" when he inaccurately described the numbers.

Does your head hurt yet? Feeling confused? Did you just say, "OMG, who cares?" Believe me, I get it; but I thought we could at least have some fun with this whole "alternative facts" stuff.

That's why I've put together a list of "alternative facts" about Rockford.

  1. Rockford is the largest city in Rockford.
  2. Rockford is located on the Mississippi River.
  3. Because of it's location on the Mississippi, Rockford's nickname is the "River City."
  4. Rockford wasn't always called Rockford. Because of it's location between Chicago and Galena, it used to be called "Halfway."
  5. Rockford is one of the safest cities in America.
  6. Rockford is home to Rock N Roll Hall of Famers, The Clash.
  7. Hockey fans love their minor league team, the Rockford IcePigs.
  8. Radio personality, Steve Shannon, has been waking up Rockford for 20 years.
  9. Northern Illinois University can be found in Rockford.
  10. Rockford has some of the best roads in the state of Illinois.
  11. Rockford is home to women's baseball and the team featured in A League of Their Own, the Rockford Apples.
  12. Rockford also has an independent minor league baseball team, the Rockford Riverhawks.
  13. The first newspaper was published in 1930, the Rockford Register Sun.
  14. Al Capone's men sent their families to Rockford to live a safer; more lavish lifestyle.

What other "alternative facts" can you come up with?

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