I like smiling, smiling's my favorite. It's a quote from Elf, but it's pretty much my life too.

Smiling all the time isn't hard, after like 10 years I think it just comes naturally, but there are other things that come naturally with your smiles too, other people's opinions about you.

Now, these are mostly positive things that people think of you because you're so smiley, but the thing is, they aren't always true.

Which can put you in some sort of pickle every once in a while. Sidenote: people who smile all the time totally use the phrase "in a pickle," it comes with the territory.

Thought Catalog Gives us this list, 17 Things That Happen When You’re A Really Smiley Person. I would add a few to their list, including that it's hard to be taken serious when you smile all the time, especially if you're a woman, and that people think you're silly or childish... which you might be... but still it has nothing to do with the smiles.

These are my favorites from Thought Catalog:

  • 2. People you’re actually flirting with are confused and don’t know if you’re flirting with them because they see you smiling at everyone! So, in your head, you’re basically trying to channel your smile to convey the message hi I think you are so cute, please like me. But they don’t hear you.
  • 8. Everyone wants to tell you their life story.
  • 9. Meanwhile you’re just sitting on your laptop at a cafe trying to work like, can I live?
  • 10. And if you’re a person who hates people but happens to have a really happy/nice looking face it is hell on earth.
  • 12. People never expect you to be opinionated about anything. They think you look so sweet, so nice, but really you’re about to make it rain with strongly worded thoughts. When you give a piece of your mind they’re like oh damn.
  • 13. And if you have a naturally sarcastic personality and f----d up sense of humor it’s even more confusing to people.
  • 17. People think it’s cute when you get mad, which only makes you even angrier. And the angrier you get, the harder they laugh. *sigh*

I think I have a specific story for each of those statements that I can tell you next time you see me, ESPECIALLY number 17, you'll love it I promise.




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