2023 Old Farmer's Almanac

Buckle up, we've got a tragically cold winter on the way. 

Usually I'm all about bringing good news, but this time, I can't promise that.

As we get ready for fall, we're also not too far away from the cold, wet, blustery winter that apparently we're getting this year.

Which does not make me happy.

The older I get the more I can appreciate a sweaty summer day. I used to be super angry when it was over 84 because well, I'm a sweaty Abraham and I would be dealing with frizzy hair and everything else that comes with being sweaty, but now I savor those days and I think 'someday it'll be snowing.'

And it looks like 'someday,' is going to be a lot of days when winter hits.

The 2023 Old Famer's Almanac (which is officially on sale to buy and read if that makes the news any better...) is telling us this coming winter will be 'memorable for all the wrong reasons.'


At least for those of us in the Midwest.

If we moved a few hundred miles West we would get to skip the snow but nope, in Illinois and right here in Rockford we're in for a very cold, very snowy winter, 'shivery & snowy' if you will.

So stock up on the hot chocolate, buy a million pairs of socks and maybe see if you can work from home from November to April.

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