Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? You can head to Wisconsin's Summerfest for a ton of music AND a ton of delicious food. 

You know what's kind of crazy? Wisconsin is home to 'The World's Largest Music Festival.'


Not New York, Chicago... or Los Angeles, good old Wisconsin.

That music festival is of course, Summerfest, and it's happening right now as we speak.

You may remember that Summerfest got moved to the fall after COVID hit us, but it's back where it belongs, smack dab in the heart of summer.

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The festivities kicked off June 22 and continue this weekend and next in Milwaukee.

Sure you can go to Summerfest for the music, but let's face it, if your favorite artist isn't taking a stage, you might just be going for the food.

What Should You Eat at Summerfest?

While it's been a while since I went to Summerfest, I know the food options do not disappoint. They have it all listed for you on their website, but here are the 4 standouts that you must try when you head there for a visit.

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Four Top Summerfest Food Options

  • Mac-a-do's: mac-n-cheese, chili mac, brat mac, jalapeno bacon mac, swine mac, buffalo mac and 'The Mac-Cohen.'
  • Ward's Burger Express: prime rib sandwich, specialty burgers, chicken strips, bacon wrapped prime rib bites, funnel cakes, also Vegan and GF options.
  • Catalano's corn: roasted corn on the cob (plain, Cajun and garlic butter)
  • Pete's pops: salted watermelon, strawberry lemonade, root beer float, cookies n' cream, key lime pie, banana cream, blackberry lemonade, coconut lim and pineapple passionfruit popsicles.

I expect a full food review if you're at Summerfest this year!

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