Who's ready for a weekend filled with tacos? Of course you are, it's time to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in a big way!

Before we get started on the tacos, I know that there are historical elements of Cinco De Mayo that tend to get misinterpreted this time of year.

I am not a history expert of any kind, so this story is not about that, you can find an expert to teach you more about the historical pieces of the Cinco De Mayo importance, and I hope you do, because that is the real reason to celebrate.

Whether you do that or not, you'll probably be eating tacos sometime in the next few days.

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Because, well, you probably like tacos, and any excuse to eat one (or five) is a great excuse.

With Cinco De Mayo being on a Friday, I feel like it's bigger than ever before!

There are a TON of local places getting in the spirit including the five places I've listed below.

Some of these places are up for the title of 'Stateline's Best Tacos,' on Good Day Stateline, and you're welcome to vote for them if you want!

4 Top Spots for Cinco De Mayo in Rockford

    • Not only does Aero Ale House have tacos on their menu every day... they have a special menu just for Cinco De Mayo with food and drinks in line with the party!
  • Truk't is here for you too, with tacos and with margarita flights!... Technically this is in Wisconsin, but we'll stop by.
  • If you are committed to eating tacos AND learning, you should stop by the Cinco De RKFD event on E. State.
  • And if you like your tacos from a delicious taco truck, you can stop by The Taco Shop 815 the 4th, 5th, and 6th at Forest Plaza.

Where are you taco-ing?

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